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Is Big Meech Wife dead?


Big Meech and his wife, Demetrius Flenory, were two of the most loved characters on MTV’s The Bad Girls Club. They were also one of the few couples to make it through the show without cheating on each other. But what happened to Big Meech and his family after the show? Did he finally get a real girlfriend (or husband)? We’ll try to answer your questions about what happened with Big Meech and his family below:

It’s hard to get information on BMF.

It’s hard to get information on BMF. The gang is secretive and doesn’t have as many members as other gangs. They also have a lot of rumors surrounding them, so it’s hard to find out if they’re actually real or not. Many people think that Meech might be dead, but it’s still unclear if he is or not!

Is Big Meech Wife dead?

To answer your question, yes. Big Meech wife is alive and well. She was born in the mid-1980s, making her about 30 years old at this point. In fact, she’s even older than BMF himself—born in 1978!

Big Meech wife has been married to him for over two decades now (and he has been married to her). They have three children together: Ghetto Boyz (born 2005), Gucci Mane Jr. (2006) and Baby Girl (2008).

How did Demetrius Flenory die?

Demetrius Flenory was shot in the head and killed in a shootout with police officers. He was killed during an altercation between two gangs, one of which included Big Meech and another member of Flenory’s family (who were both members of another gang). The shooting occurred after a meeting to discuss plans for future collaboration between the two groups.

Big Meech is believed to have been present at this meeting, although it’s still unclear whether or not he fired any shots himself when his brother was shot dead by police officers who were investigating reports that Big Meech had been involved in several recent shootings.

What does Big Meech wife look like now?

You may have seen Meech wife on television, or in magazines and other media. She is a model, with several different hairstyles and styles. She appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine in 2008, which was no small feat given that she’s not exactly known for being conventionally beautiful.

But who is this woman? What does her life look like now?

Who is Big Meech wife engaged to?

Big Meech wife is engaged to a rapper named Yo Gotti. She has also worked as a model and businesswoman, but she’s most well-known for her acting roles in films such as Baywatch and Scream Queens.

What happened to Big Meech wife and her brother Tanya?

Big Meech’s wife Tanya was killed in a car accident on May 23, 1999. She was pregnant at the time of her death and suffered a miscarriage as well.

Big Meech’s brother, Tanya left his home in New York City to go to New Jersey where he was living with his sister and had planned to visit family members there before driving back home when their vehicle crashed into another car at an intersection near Elizabeth (New Jersey). The crash killed both Tanya and Big Meech’s wife who were riding in the backseat of their SUV at the time along with two children who were sitting next to them; one child survived but did not suffer any serious injuries after being thrown out of her seat during impact

There are a lot of rumors about Big Meech and his family.

Big Meech is a gang, record label and movie.

Big Meech is also a TV show and book.

It’s not clear if the Big Meech family is big or small but one thing for sure: They’re alive and kicking!


What is the truth about Big Meech? This is a question that has been asked for years now, and there are many people who believe that he and his wife both died of natural causes. However, there are also some people who believe that they were murdered by drug dealers or possibly even hit men hired by someone else. It’s hard to know what really happened in this case but hopefully we will eventually find out more information about how they died and how their lives ended up being so tragic thanks to those who love them so much!

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